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Build-A-Braider Bootcamp

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This class will meet 3x a week. Tues, Thurs & Sat for 2-3 hours. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PRACTICE AFTER CLASSES.

Everybody will be learning at their own pace so don't worry about keeping up with others who may be more experienced.

We will be learning various braiding techniques: neat & natural braids, feedin braids, knotless & regular box braids, goddess braids, senegalese twists, stitch braids, design braids, crochet locs, etc.

After learning these techniques we will focus on mastering the style that you want to complete on your model at the end of class.

We will be starting an Instagram business page, learn to take PICTURES THAT STAND OUT, learn how to do IG reels/tiktok videos.

After 4 weeks, you will be expected to SLAY your 1st client! We will schedule a date for you to complete a style on a model, take pics, videos & do a mini diy photoshoot.

(Don't worry if you're not ready to SLAY your 1st client after 4 weeks. We will do additional training)

You can easily make the money back you paid for the class but you MUST be willing to put in as much time & effort into LEARNING as I am into TEACHING you!
Are you ready to become that BOSS BRAIDER?!

Braiders can EASILY make $1000wk
For example:
1 head of box braids at $200 once a day, 5 days a week = $1000wk
2 clients a day at $100, 5 days a week = $1000wk

I can't wait to Build the next 6 FIGURE BRAIDER! See you in class!


Class days are Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays but times are flexible.

You can start any week on Tuesday.

Supplies are included.

You will be contacted after booking to schedule your first class date.